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Physician's Guide to Doctoring with Bradley B. Block, MD

This is a podcast that answers the question, "what should we have been learning while we were memorizing Kreb's cycle?" This is a practical guide for practicing physicians and other healthcare practitioners looking to improve in any and all aspects of our lives and practices. Physician and non-physician experts are interviewed on a wide range of topics to help us with personal and professional development.
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May 21, 2021

Brian Carlson currently serves as Vice President of Patient Experience for Vanderbilt University Medical Center. In his current role, he is strategically and operationally responsible for institutional performance on service programming and metrics.  Operationally he has direct oversight to Guest Services, Patient Relations, Service Consulting and Center for EMS Excellence. Strategically he advises on institutional patient experience goals and improvement, employee engagement, culture, and patient engagement programs, including on-line patient portal My Health at Vanderbilt.

We discuss who should be on the patient experience team and it ranges from HR to your kid’s kickball instructor.  You’ll see what I mean. How much do we invest in the Patient Experience; how do we best engage our employees and how do we get buy-in from management? What are some of the out-of-the-box tactics used by Vanderbilt and how do we use surveys to take the pulse of the patient experience?

Mr. Carlson joined Vanderbilt in 2007 as Administrator of the Vanderbilt Eye Institute.  Prior to Vanderbilt he served as CEO/COO of a multi-specialty physician group practice in Western New York and started his professional career at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation in Chicago.

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