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Physician's Guide to Doctoring with Bradley B. Block, MD

This is a podcast that answers the question, "what should we have been learning while we were memorizing Kreb's cycle?" This is a practical guide for practicing physicians and other healthcare practitioners looking to improve in any and all aspects of our lives and practices. Physician and non-physician experts are interviewed on a wide range of topics to help us with personal and professional development.
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Sep 19, 2023

This episode is sponsored by – technically advanced medical apparel. 

Nick Cienski, a former designer for Under Armour and Arc'teryx, embarked on a mission to revolutionize healthcare attire with KyurMD (pronounced ‘Cure’). His goal was to create high-performance, durable, and stylish scrubs that would enhance the comfort and confidence of medical professionals. 

Through innovative fabrics and meticulous design, KyurMD offers scrubs that are not only functional but also long-lasting, repelling bodily fluids and meeting FDA level two certification standards. 

Nick's dedication to improving workwear extends to a commitment to combating human trafficking through Mission 14, a nonprofit he co-founded with his wife, aiming to make a positive impact in Nicaragua.

Looking for something specific? Here you go!

[00:00:00] Introduction to Nick Cienski and KyurMD 

[00:01:00] The Shift in Work Attire 

[00:03:00] Nick's Inspiration and Background 

[00:04:00] The Impact of the Pandemic 

[00:05:00] Mission 14 and Human Trafficking Initiatives 

[00:08:00] Elevating Scrubs with Advanced Technology 

[00:12:00] The Significance of Scrub Design 

[00:14:00] Brand Loyalty and the Future of Scrubs 

[00:27:00] KyurMD’s Inventory Update 

[00:28:00] Mission 14 and Fighting Human Trafficking

More about Nick Cienski:

Kyur® was founded by Nick Cienski, an award-winning designer who has led product design and innovation teams at renowned brands such as Under Armour, Salomon, and Arc'teryx. His gear has been worn by Olympic champions, U.S. Special Forces members, mountain rescue teams, A-list celebrities, and even Sir Richard Branson during his historic Virgin Galactic flight to space. Nick’s expertise extends beyond design, as he's an accomplished high-altitude mountaineer who has conquered some of the world's highest peaks.

Leveraging his rich history in creating technically advanced apparel, Nick is now revolutionizing the medical apparel market with Kyur®. Their products are sought after by medical professionals around the country who have referred to them as “game changing,” “phenomenal,” and “a major upgrade from regular scrubs;” all proudly manufactured in the USA using American-made textiles.

Go here and use Code PGD25 at checkout for 25% off your first order!

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