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Physician's Guide to Doctoring with Bradley B. Block, MD

This is a podcast that answers the question, "what should we have been learning while we were memorizing Kreb's cycle?" This is a practical guide for practicing physicians and other healthcare practitioners looking to improve in any and all aspects of our lives and practices. Physician and non-physician experts are interviewed on a wide range of topics to help us with personal and professional development.
If you want to share you expertise on the podcast, please email me at or @physiciansguide on Twitter.

Jun 6, 2019

Should we assume EVERYONE has reflux until proven otherwise?  Does reflux cause global warming?  If there’s a post-nasal drip, is there a pre-nasal drip?  Where’s all that mucus coming from anyway?  On today’s episode we discuss the epidemics of reflux and post-nasal drip with laryngologist Dr. Matthew Clary, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.  Dr. Clary went to medical school at The Ohio State, started his otolaryngology residency at George Washington, which is where I met him, as I was in DC, too, at Georgetown at the same time.  After two years, he defected and transferred to Thomas Jefferson University, now the Sidney Kimmel Medical College and then did a laryngology fellowship at UCSF.

Dr. Clary and I discuss laryngopharyngeal reflux and post-nasal drip and other conditions one should be considering if your patient has one of these, but doesn’t seem to be improving.  We discuss common misconceptions about these conditions and how many patients with complaints like globus, throat clearing, and throat mucus may have a voice disorder.  He gives us recommendations for some simple exercises that might help and we end with some advice for professional voice users like us physicians, who, like it or not, are professional voice uses because we speak to our patients all day long. 

He does not have a presence on social media, so if you are looking to find him, you’ll have to make an appointment.  Here’s his professional website.  He takes a dang good picture.