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Physician's Guide to Doctoring with Bradley B. Block, MD

This is a podcast that answers the question, "what should we have been learning while we were memorizing Kreb's cycle?" This is a practical guide for practicing physicians and other healthcare practitioners looking to improve in any and all aspects of our lives and practices. Physician and non-physician experts are interviewed on a wide range of topics to help us with personal and professional development.
If you want to share you expertise on the podcast, please email me at or @physiciansguide on Twitter.

Nov 28, 2018

Dr. Dana Corriel is known to some as the godmother of doctors on social media.  This all started with her personal blog, which she created for creative catharsis and to help inform patients on a larger scale than the 1:1 office visits.  She now manages a multiple facebook communities and has a presence on almost all social media platforms.  We discuss the hows and whys of being a doctor on social media with "one of the top 10 internists to follow on Twitter." 

One of her tips: a consistent screen name.  She can be found as drcorriel on ALL PLATFORMS!  Website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.   

She is the administrator and creator of